Friday, June 26, 2009


Even thought originally we intended to review only restaurants, diners and fast food stands- due to requests we've decided to also include reviews of Supermarket Hummus for those interested in getting your daily dose of Hummus when there is no time or no decent Hummus place in your area.

Supermarket Hummus is never as fresh or tasty as the ones made fresh daily- but there are a few companies out there that make Hummus that's pretty good and can be an almost decent substitute for the real thing.


I personally like Sabra the most. Their Hummus is good, consistent and is readily available in many supermarkets around the US.
You can check their website:
They also have a store locater to find them in your area:

Many like their Hummus- but I'm not a big fan- even thought I love Trader Joes as a brand. The Hummus tastes like a vegiterian dip and a lot of their hummus options- don't even have garbanzo beans in them and they don't even have the hummus color or taste. So I suggest to avoid for now- until they decide to make a real Hummus that tastes like Hummus.