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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Germany: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Koln, Munich

Germany is a large territory and we're just starting with Hummus places. We'd love to hear from all of you to update this list. We got recommendations for this group of Hummus restaurants from a friend, but we'd love to hear your thoughts on these restaurants if they deserve to stay on our list of our Best Hummus in Germany.


Has a shisha lounge and live music.
Hüttenstr. 1
40215 Düsseldorf, Germany
0211 2095214‎


Sababa, Altstadt
Westenriederstrasse 9, 80331 München
+49 89 23237881

Sababa is still up in the air as to it's Hummus. It's a middle eastern place that based on it's name in Hebrew means cool/hip/relaxed/not formal ...
(It's a slang word)
The name seems to cater to Israeli tourists and to a Jewish audience that knows the meaning of the word.
Some websites have recommended their food, but we couldn't decide yet about their Hummus.

Al Salam
Hohenstaufenring 22
50674 Köln, Germany
+49 221 216713

Adalbertstraße 93
10999 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
+49 69 536171


This restaurant is very classy and elegant. It's on the upscale and not cheap. It's a high end middle eastern restaurant which is rather unique as usually middle eastern restaurants are on the cheap side. But it's very elegant for a middle eastern place and we'd love to hear additional thoughts on their hummus- to know if the high class of the place has elevated it to new heights or has overlooked the bassis of this cuisine?
Their info:
Moorkamp 5, 20357 Hamburg
+49 40 2841917 70