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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two more restaurants to avoid in Los Angeles

In the last few month's I've eaten in mostly horrible LA restaurants and so preferred not to write any new review cause it annoyed me.

Fairfax Avenue. Fairfax district. Los Angeles. California

A new restaurant that opened strong and got a half decent review in this blog. They had a special deal where one could get a pita with Falafel and a soft drink for $5.
The first 3 month were a dream. Fresh Falafel, Fresh pita and pretty good hummus.
But all that changed.
No more special deal.
Now for $5 one gets onlythe Pita without the soft drink.
The Pita's are no longer fresh - but a day old.
The amount of Falafel's has been reduced by about 30% in each Pita.
I gave them a second chance before writing this review and the same thing happened so I guess it's no longer just a one time thing.

Sadly PITA BAR and Grill have joined my AVOID LIST


Phone 310-479-5444
11921 West Pico Blvd
LA CA 90064

Another new place I tasted was HABAYIT RESTAURANT.
They're pretty good.
The Hummus isn't Lebanese but rather a Polish Israeli take on the classic dish - but for an Israeli Glatt Kosher restaurant it's pretty good.
But the prices of everything else is so ridiculous that I can only give it an AVOID rating.
I hate it when restaurants that have a GLATT KOSHER rating believe they can overprice cause they think that religous Jews are dumb.
But the place was full for lunch so I don't know what to say.
Here's the lunch menu they gave me:
Meetballs $15.95
Kebab $15.95
Schnitzel $15.95

Falafel Plate (with 2 pitas) $10.95
Shakshuka $9.95

Falafel Sandwhich $7.95
Hummus Sandwich $6.45

Hummus plate $6.45

Salads to go (Per Lb) $9.95

The place looks like a super cheap diner. It's not located in the easiest to find place. It's mainly looks like a place to grab a quick and fast lunch.
but these prices puts a meal with a Hummus opener plate and a soft drink and a coffee at $25-$30 per person. FOR LUNCH.
So I don't know who's their clientele.
It's neither for those wanting a fast and cheap lunch - cause it's too expensive.
The place looks too cheap for a business lunch - so it's not a place to invite a person to discuss business.

I guess it's a place for Israeli's wanting a Glatt Kosher place and a little bit of Hummus but nothing else.

Their minimum delivery policy is $40 so they're not fit for a single person craving a fast one either.

A pity- the place could have been so much more successful if they would lower prices and have a real lunch menu with decent pricing.

Anyways, for now it's an avoid.
Big time!