Wednesday, February 4, 2009

THAILAND: Bangkok, Koh Samui Island, Changmai: Best Hummus

The following review was written by an avid traveller who has lived in Thailand for over a year.

"Being a huge hummus lover I've got to admit that there's no decent place for Hummus lovers to get a real Hummus experience in all of Thailand. It's strange cause there are so many middle eastern and Israelis travelling in this country every year. Here are a few of the places, that do sell Hummus- but they all got 1-2 stars in my book:


These Hummus restaurants are popular with both Israeli and other middle eastern tourists in Kawasan road in Bankok.

Non of these three places have great Hummus, but they will satisfy immediate Hummus cravings for those travelling for a few month and needing a quick fix of Hummus.

1. Israeli connection

2. LaMetayel

3. Shoshana

Rating: *


Ko Samui doesn't have decent Hummus, but there's a decent Falafel joint that has Hummus. It's located near Beit Habbad opposite Crystal restaurant.



Jerusalem Falafel on Moon Muang near Thapae Gate is probably best.
It gets mixed reviews some love it some hate it. But at least it's there.
35/3 Moonmuang Road
Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand
+66 53 27 0208

Rating **


  1. There is a new place in Bangkok to buy REAL Hummus finally like in Israel home made places.
    the problem is that they only make delivery and it is good only for 2-3 days which is actually good since it means it is natural.

    try them at

    I tried and can Promise it is the best of them all and in Bangkok/Thailand

  2. There's a place called Art Cafe in Nathon on Koh Samui that does really good, home made hummus. Especially good with their homemade bread and both can be purchased to take out.

  3. Just had one of the best hummus I ever tried in a small Restaurant called "Rice Paddy" on the island Koh Yao Noi nearby Phuket. Seems to be not available on every day as they prepare it fresh. Very surprising to find here, as this island is not so popular.

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