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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Jewish Vs. Arab Hummus

We rarely share videos on this blog unless we feel you our viewers will benefit from them. Here's a funny Israeli video pitting two mythical Hummus restaurants in Israel An Arab  and a Jewish one.   It was made by an Israeli blogger RonnenGG who has about 400,000 subscribers, It was a  funny entertaining and extremely honest video . So check it out and give him a like if you agree with his review. I loved his video so I said, why not share with all of you.

The Arab restaurant in the video is called Halil - and is one of the best and most famous Hummus restaurants in Israel in  the ancient city of Ramleh and I've never met anyone in Israel who had a bad word to say about that restaurant. It is at the top echelons of Hummus restaurants in Israel and many Israelis have eaten there as kids so they've come to love this place and cherish it as the Rolex of Hummus.

The Jewish Hummus joint is in a kibbutz. It's called Gingi ( Redhead) -  It's become extremely popular over the years and many Israelis swear by it too.

While the youtube title is catchy - and I guess meant to attract Israelis and Arabs to watch the clip - I think the real difference between the two restaurants isn't the religion  of it's owners but rather a difference in tastes of whomever is the head chef.

But there is a point in RonenGG's videos and made me think that in my opinions too -  many Jewish hummus restaurants don't have the same spicing as comparable Arab Hummus restaurants  and their Hummus feel a bit more bland. They got the texture right, they got everything else right but the taste is just not the same.

The Israeli restaurant - The Gingi - is newer and only time will tell how long it'll survive even though it's very popular and famous at the moment.

The Arab restaurant - Halil has been there for what seems like forever and as long as they continue making what they're making at a competitive price could continue making it  for like... forever.

Anyways, enjoy the video and if you don't understand Hebrew you can probably add subtitles on youtube.