Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hummus on Google

One of the interesting things is to see the popularity of different Hummus combinations on Google.
Well, based on a quick research as of September 2009 here are the numbers: ( Thanks to Google Keyword search)

hummus recipe 90,500

hummus recipes 33,100

hummus dip 4,400

hummus 368,000

It's a pretty impressive number until you check on words like Pizza and Hamburger and are humbled.

Seems like Hummus still has a long way to go before it becomes a little more popular in the ultimate virtual world of Google.

The world never sleeps.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two more restaurants to avoid in Los Angeles

In the last few month's I've eaten in mostly horrible LA restaurants and so preferred not to write any new review cause it annoyed me.

Fairfax Avenue. Fairfax district. Los Angeles. California

A new restaurant that opened strong and got a half decent review in this blog. They had a special deal where one could get a pita with Falafel and a soft drink for $5.
The first 3 month were a dream. Fresh Falafel, Fresh pita and pretty good hummus.
But all that changed.
No more special deal.
Now for $5 one gets onlythe Pita without the soft drink.
The Pita's are no longer fresh - but a day old.
The amount of Falafel's has been reduced by about 30% in each Pita.
I gave them a second chance before writing this review and the same thing happened so I guess it's no longer just a one time thing.

Sadly PITA BAR and Grill have joined my AVOID LIST


Phone 310-479-5444
11921 West Pico Blvd
LA CA 90064

Another new place I tasted was HABAYIT RESTAURANT.
They're pretty good.
The Hummus isn't Lebanese but rather a Polish Israeli take on the classic dish - but for an Israeli Glatt Kosher restaurant it's pretty good.
But the prices of everything else is so ridiculous that I can only give it an AVOID rating.
I hate it when restaurants that have a GLATT KOSHER rating believe they can overprice cause they think that religous Jews are dumb.
But the place was full for lunch so I don't know what to say.
Here's the lunch menu they gave me:
Meetballs $15.95
Kebab $15.95
Schnitzel $15.95

Falafel Plate (with 2 pitas) $10.95
Shakshuka $9.95

Falafel Sandwhich $7.95
Hummus Sandwich $6.45

Hummus plate $6.45

Salads to go (Per Lb) $9.95

The place looks like a super cheap diner. It's not located in the easiest to find place. It's mainly looks like a place to grab a quick and fast lunch.
but these prices puts a meal with a Hummus opener plate and a soft drink and a coffee at $25-$30 per person. FOR LUNCH.
So I don't know who's their clientele.
It's neither for those wanting a fast and cheap lunch - cause it's too expensive.
The place looks too cheap for a business lunch - so it's not a place to invite a person to discuss business.

I guess it's a place for Israeli's wanting a Glatt Kosher place and a little bit of Hummus but nothing else.

Their minimum delivery policy is $40 so they're not fit for a single person craving a fast one either.

A pity- the place could have been so much more successful if they would lower prices and have a real lunch menu with decent pricing.

Anyways, for now it's an avoid.
Big time!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Even thought originally we intended to review only restaurants, diners and fast food stands- due to requests we've decided to also include reviews of Supermarket Hummus for those interested in getting your daily dose of Hummus when there is no time or no decent Hummus place in your area.

Supermarket Hummus is never as fresh or tasty as the ones made fresh daily- but there are a few companies out there that make Hummus that's pretty good and can be an almost decent substitute for the real thing.


I personally like Sabra the most. Their Hummus is good, consistent and is readily available in many supermarkets around the US.
You can check their website:
They also have a store locater to find them in your area:

Many like their Hummus- but I'm not a big fan- even thought I love Trader Joes as a brand. The Hummus tastes like a vegiterian dip and a lot of their hummus options- don't even have garbanzo beans in them and they don't even have the hummus color or taste. So I suggest to avoid for now- until they decide to make a real Hummus that tastes like Hummus.

Thursday, May 28, 2009



Seems like there's a new trend in LA. Middle eastern joints have hiked their prices to filthy greedy territory. Who would have thought that going to a run down, noisy, dirty and mediocre tasting middle eastern diner could cost as much as going out to an expensive high class steak house in Beverly Hills.
I made the decision to avoid going to these places. I believe that only if people avoid them will they either have to lower their prices or eventually close- making the point that Hummus joints cannot treat their clients like total suckers!


Aroma cafe,the awful Israeli diner was one of the first to realize they could over charge for Israeli food. They realized some Israeli's are suckers and they'll pay extra to be able to sit among other Israeli's in an Israeli hangout in the Valley.

But now there are a lot of additional places that have replicated this model.


NANA in the PICO ROBERTSON area, is another one of the places I strongly recommend to avoid. It's simply awful.
I hated the food.
I hated the service.
I hated everything about this place.
and the price ... OUCH.
It's for suckers.
Or as Israeli's call them: FRYARS.
But for some reason, it seems that there are a lot in the Pico Robertson area and it's a shame!


Then there's Itzik Hagadol.
Gadol means large in Hebrew.
The only thing that's large in this restaurant is the bill you'll get for extremely mediocre food and Hummus that's just as bland.


The sad thing is that our Lebanese friends have learned from Israeli restaurants and immitating them. Take two restaurants I used to love : CAYENNE on Beverly Blvd and Zahle in North Hollywood. Their pricing is disgusting. For now, my recommendation is AVOID!
Perhaps the hardest for me is to write a negative review about Zahle. Even thought they've hiked their prices- their Hummus is still superb.
That said: sadly, I am joining those who won't return there in the near future.

Yesterday I went to Zahle craving a Falafel plate, a small Hummus and a salad.
Very basic plate? Right?
They stopped having these plates and each one must be ordered separately.
They have a new super expensive menu.
A plate with 4 Falafel balls now cost $7.00

I paid for my very basic Falafel meal $25 (Without drinking anything, without desert, cofee, sides, etc...)

For a basic falafel meal with only 4 Falafels.
I left feeling angry, cheated and ripped of.(Not to mention hungry)

So for now my recommendation is avoid even this worthy place. Hopefully their prices will come down .

I looked at the menu and realized that a meat dish and some sides would bring the price of a meal easily to $50 per person.
Why would anyone waste 30 minutes driving to this place that's not in most people's way - just to sit in a cheap restaurant and eat super expensive basic food and pay so much is beyond me.

Sad that the recession has caused both Israeli's and Arabs in Los Angeles to become super greedy.

But as so many restaurants are closing all over the city- I'm sure new ones will soon open and hopefully some of them will be middle eastern with normal pricing.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Lately I have tasted a few new and awful Hummus restaurants in LA.
I'll soon update.
Then, a chance visit to Pomona led me to discover this remarkable Hummus restaurant.
Their Hummus is great. Simply great. They also have a lunch buffet with lots of beef for about $9.00.

If you're ever in the Riverside county and would like some good Hummus. This might be the place to go.
It's not fancy. Very down to earth and close to Western University.

I tasted Aladdin Jr. II
There's also an Aladdin Jr. #1
The one I went is located at:
PPh. (909)623 4333
296 W. Second St. Pomona, CA 91766

Here's the link to their website and the address of the first one.
I give it a **** (4/5)
3161 N Garey Ave
Pomona, CA 91767
(909) 593-3887