Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The prestigious Israeli Haaretz newspaper published a list of great Hummus restaurants in Israel.
Haaretz is a very respected magazine that in the past seemed to have a more social active agenda and now has become more  of a  financial newspaper. It's hard for me to say who the readership of this paper is. My dad has been reading this newspaper for decades. But I Feel today it is geared towards yuppy readers.
Some of the restaurants listed here, like number 1 on the list Abu Shaker are truly authentic and amazing. Others like - Puah - are restaurants geared more towards yuppies. 
Puah, looks run down - but it's the opposite from a hole in the wall - it's a very successful restaurant that sells not only expensive food but also a very specific atmosphere geared for yuppies looking for something authentic and willing to pay extra for a restaurant that feels old fashioned even if it's not that old at all. 
Many in my family love Puah, then again, I have a lot of yuppies in my family.

I personally prefer the more authentic Hummus joints even if they are really run down,  but I am fully aware that yuppies are a group that actually goes a lot to restaurants and that's why I've decided to include this list for those who want to explore the various new and not so new hummus restaurants in Israel.
The article is titled: ten restaurants with great hummus:

The locations are:

1. Abu Shaker - downtown Haifa
29 Hamaginim street. Haifa.

2.  Hummus Blu Blas
Kfar Baruch Junction

3. Bahadonas
138 Bialik st. Ramat Gan

4. Han Manuli
7 Beit Eshel st. Tel Aviv

5. Rama's Kitchen

6. Mifgash Hastek - ( The Steak meet) 
37 Menahem Begin St. , Tel Aviv

7. Puah
8 Rabbi Yohanan st. Tel Aviv

8. Saluf Vebanav ( Saluf and sons)
80 Nahalat Binyamin st. Tel Aviv

9. Abu Gosh
65 Hashalom st. Tel Aviv

10. Mifgash Osher ( The happiness meet)
105 King George st. Tel Aviv

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