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Here's a sad bit of information to all Hummus lovers who buy their Hummus in Supermarkets.
A new report shows that Supermarket Hummus contains more salt than 4 bags of crisps.
One interesting element in the article shows that Hummus is huge in the UK. 
If all the large corporations that produce Hummus for Supermarkets continue with this behavior - it might lead to a huge decrease in sales of Hummus from supermarkets.

That said, hopefully all the hummus lovers - will simply replace the supermarket hummus with fresh hummus from their local restaurants.

In many cities worldwide - Hummus has become an item on menus not just in middle eastern restaurants but in all restaurants - from Delis to American diners.

So people have many more options to buy Hummus near their homes if Supermarket Hummus continues being an item that is supposed to be healthy but isn't.

Below is the article from Newsweek.
The link to the original NEWSEEK ARTICLE:


“Healthy” tubs of hummus, taramasalata, tzatziki and guacamole may contain more salt than four bags of potato chips, according to a U.K.-based public health watchdog.
Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) conducted a national survey of 210 chilled dips sold at the U.K.’s biggest supermarkets. Hummus is the most popular dip, with Britons consuming £60 million worth annually. However, the Middle Eastern delicacy made from chickpeas is often laden with salt and fat.
One of the worst offenders was Marks & Spencer’s Caramelised Onion Houmous containing more salt per 100g (1.53g) than four packets of ready salted potato chips—over a quarter of thedaily maximum recommended salt intake (6g).
Across all supermarkets, taramasalata dips, made from fish roe, contained the most salt on average. A serving of ASDA’s taramasalata (0.62g per quarter pot) contains the same amount of salt as 13 Ritz crackers.
Over 20 percent of the dips surveyed exceed the daily recommended intake of fat. A serving of Waitrose’s Cheese and Chive dip contains 31.3g of fat per 57.7g portion—more fat than a Big Mac from McDonald’s. As part of a healthy, balanced diet, an adult should consume no more than 20g daily, according to NHS guidelines.
“Once again, we demonstrate the unnecessary amounts of salt and fat being added by the food industry to what could be a healthy product. A diet high in salt leads to strokes and heart disease, the commonest cause of death in the U.K.,” said Graham MacGregor, professor of cardiovascular medicine at London’s Queen Mary University and chairman of CASH, in a statement issued to Newsweek.
“Reducing salt is the most cost-effective measure to reduce the number of people suffering, which is why it is imperative the government announces a new robust plan for reducing salt in our diet.”
CASH advises consumers to be wary of portion size—spoon out an amount onto a plate rather than eating straight out of the container. The public health watchdog also suggests making your own dips rather than buying them from a supermarket. “Some plain low-fat yogurt, cucumber and a sprig of mint can make for a tasty homemade tzatziki,” the report recommends.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

13 Different Ways to Make Hummus

 A really interesting article by Joy Manning in Shape Magazine.

What I found especially interesting in the article was the image of the variations in Hummus preparation. ENJOY!


Friday, June 19, 2015


One of the greatest contributions of Buzzfeed to our collective conscience is that it made top ten lists super popular and proved that one can transform a any news story into a top ten list.
I wondered if there are any lists for hummus and found this interesting story online.
Here's the link to the original story and it's copied below as well to ensure it won't be deleted over time since it seems that in todays clouded world a lot of things tend to get deleted or lost in the world wide cloud. 

The article was written in Peta2 by Nina Kahn

22 Reasons Why Hummus Is All We Ever Need

Posted by  Nina Kahn
Vegans often have a reputation of being hummus-lovin’ hippies. Well, at least part of that is true—we do LOOOOVE our hummus! Who knew that chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and some lemon or garlic could come together to create the most versatile, delicious condiment extraordinaire of all time?
Here are some of the many reasons why hummus is most definitely a magical food from heaven:

1. It’s vegan (duh).

Sean dancing gif

2. It’s packed with protein. This sh*t is made with GARBANZO BEANS, dudes.

hummus has protein!

3. It enables you to eat raw veggies by the masses. How the f*ck else could a carrot stick taste so good?

hummus and carrot sticks[/media-credit] 

4. Pita bread is nothing more than a vessel for shoveling hummus into your mouth.

pita bread and hummus[/media-credit] 

The same goes for chips, crackers, slices of toast, sticks of celery, and really any food in sight.

hummus and snacks[/media-credit] 

5. It takes a bland veggie platter from being “the only vegan option at the party” to the most exciting.

veggie platter and hummus[/media-credit] 

6. It’s easy to customize: Mix in your favorite hot sauce for some DIY super-zesty hummus or …

hummus with hot sauce

… mix it with a mashed avocado (another miracle food), and you’ve got guaco-hummus! #winning

avocado guacamole hummus[/media-credit] 

7. Its main ingredient is garbanzo beans (aka “chickpeas”), which are just little balls of heaven and versatility.

Another main ingredient is tahini, aka “sesame seed paste”—another heavenly food that we recommend you get in touch with.

8. Chickpeas are also the main ingredient in falafel, a f*cking awesome vegan food which pairs most deliciously with a big side of—you guessed it—HUMMUS.

9. No need to buy condiments anymore, cause hummus basically dominates:

Hummus on a bagel? It’s the new vegan cream cheese.

hummus bagelIt’s also the new mayonnaise.

hummus sandwich[/media-credit] 

And it’s the new ranch dip.

10. It’s readily available at pretty much ANY grocery store. And there are SO MANY BRANDS TO CHOOSE FROM.

11. Like Sabra Hummus. Duh. Tried ‘n’ true ‘n’ oh-so-creamy.

sabra hummus

That minced garlic pile in the middle of the Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus? God help me.

garlic sabra hummus

12. Tribe Hummus makes an Everything Hummus that tastes just like an everything bagel. Can you handle that???

13. Oh, and Trader Joe’s has a massive variety of hummus:

Kalamata Olive, Edamame, Mediterranean, Spicy, Eggplant …

Why, yes, I DO find myself buying this one often. You’d think it’d be too much, BUT IT NEVER IS.

hummus from trader joe's

Trader Joe’s Tomato Basil Hummus can seriously double as a creamy pizza sauce. I can hardly handle the versatility.

tomato basil hummus from trader joe's

Cilantro jalapeño hummus? OK, now add burritos, tacos, and taquitos to the list of hummus-friendly foods.

cilantro jalepeno hummus trader joe's

14. Are you so obsessed with hummus that you need to have it with you AT ALL TIMES? Well, thank Godzilla that it comes it tiny travel packets that don’t require ANY REFRIGERATION.

15. Those li’l packets are great, but I’ll admit that I do consider a standard container of hummus “personal size.”

Dinner for one.

16. You can add hummus to almost anything to make it EVEN BETTER.

Seriously, try stirring it in with marinara for a delicious creamy sauce to pour over pasta.

Or try mixing it with olive oil and soy sauce for a super-flavorful creamy dressing (this dressing + kale + nutritional yeast = the best salad ever!).

17. Really, hummus can be a main course itself.

You can just eat it out of the container with a spoon … 😉

18. Did I mention it’s SUPER-EASY to make at home? Yeah, homemade hummus is everything!

Homemade hummus can be customized with basically anything: garlic, peppers, spices, artichokes, spinach, lemon, olives, Sriracha sauce … ANYTHING! And you can even make it in a blender if you don’t have a food processor!

19. DESSERT HUMMUS IS A THING. I’m crying right now, btw.


20. Forget cake. Allz I need is my birthday hummus.

21. You can never go wrong serving hummus, because EVERYBODY LOVES HUMMUS.

22. I leave you with these final words of wisdom:

hummus is yummus!
Want to stay in the loop on even MORE delicious vegan yummiez that you can make at

Read more:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The prestigious Israeli Haaretz newspaper published a list of great Hummus restaurants in Israel.
Haaretz is a very respected magazine that in the past seemed to have a more social active agenda and now has become more  of a  financial newspaper. It's hard for me to say who the readership of this paper is. My dad has been reading this newspaper for decades. But I Feel today it is geared towards yuppy readers.
Some of the restaurants listed here, like number 1 on the list Abu Shaker are truly authentic and amazing. Others like - Puah - are restaurants geared more towards yuppies. 
Puah, looks run down - but it's the opposite from a hole in the wall - it's a very successful restaurant that sells not only expensive food but also a very specific atmosphere geared for yuppies looking for something authentic and willing to pay extra for a restaurant that feels old fashioned even if it's not that old at all. 
Many in my family love Puah, then again, I have a lot of yuppies in my family.

I personally prefer the more authentic Hummus joints even if they are really run down,  but I am fully aware that yuppies are a group that actually goes a lot to restaurants and that's why I've decided to include this list for those who want to explore the various new and not so new hummus restaurants in Israel.
The article is titled: ten restaurants with great hummus:

The locations are:

1. Abu Shaker - downtown Haifa
29 Hamaginim street. Haifa.

2.  Hummus Blu Blas
Kfar Baruch Junction

3. Bahadonas
138 Bialik st. Ramat Gan

4. Han Manuli
7 Beit Eshel st. Tel Aviv

5. Rama's Kitchen

6. Mifgash Hastek - ( The Steak meet) 
37 Menahem Begin St. , Tel Aviv

7. Puah
8 Rabbi Yohanan st. Tel Aviv

8. Saluf Vebanav ( Saluf and sons)
80 Nahalat Binyamin st. Tel Aviv

9. Abu Gosh
65 Hashalom st. Tel Aviv

10. Mifgash Osher ( The happiness meet)
105 King George st. Tel Aviv

Monday, April 20, 2015


Just as Americans are starting to fall in love with Hummus thanks to Pepsi who's a partial owner of Sabra hummus - and aggressively distributing it everywhere - a major recall has been announced by all media outlets.

Here's two segments by CNN and NPR.
It's a blow to Hummus lovers- as these type of recalls tend to influence buyers even after the danger has passed.
People tend to forget the details and just remember that Sabra Hummus is associated with Listeria.

Time will tell what the outcome will be.
Let's hope the love fest between Northern American food lovers and Hummus will continue.

And here's more info from the food safety website:

Sabra Recalls 30,000 Cases of Classic Hummus for Possible Listeria Risk

Sabra Dipping Co. LLC of White Plains, NY, has recalled 30,000 cases of Sabra Classic Hummus due to the possible presence of Listeria monocytogenes.
Sabra Classic HummusAfter routine inspections at a Kroger outlet in Port Huron, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development officials reportedly learned about the risk of contamination in the prepackaged product. The department then informed the company and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Only certain lots of the Classic Hummus are being recalled, and no other Sabra products are affected. There are no reported cases of illnesses to date.
The recalled products and product codes are:
040822011143/300067 – Sabra Classic, 10 oz. – 3-059/Best before May 11, 2015
040822011143/300067 – Sabra Classic 10 oz. – 3-060/Best before May 15, 2015
040822014687/300074 – Sabra Classic, 30 oz. – 3-059/Best before May 11, 2015
040822342049/301216 – Sabra Classic Without Garnish, 32 oz. – 3-059/Best before May 11, 2015
040822017497/301290 – Sabra Classic, 17 oz. Six Pack – 3-058/Best before May 11, 2015
040822017497/301290 – Sabra Classic, 17 oz. Six Pack – 3-059/Best before May 11, 2015
040822342209/301283 – Hummus Dual Pack Classic/Garlic – 3-058/Best before May 11, 2015
Consumers are advised to throw out any product with those codes, which are on the top of each package. The recalled products may also be returned to the store where purchased for a refund. Those with questions may call Sabra at 888-957-2272 Monday through Friday.
In healthy individuals, infection with Listeria monocytogenes may cause short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. However, young children, the elderly or those with compromised immune systems can contract serious and sometimes fatal infections. Listeria can also cause miscarriage and stillbirth in pregnant women.

This article quoted from: