Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Israel- Center- Hummus


Ramleh is one of the Hummus capitals of Israel. There are a lot of places there and most are great.

Kehilat Detroit 6
Rating: *****

Perhaps the most well known and best Hummus in Ramleh. Some would argue in the whole of Israel. They are known not just for their Hummus but also for their Mesubache which is a Hummus dish- Hummus with warm Chickpeas cooked. Try it.


Bialik 130 Ramat Gan
Rating ***

Good Hummus. Really good Hummus in the hearland of the Tel Aviv Metro district.

Hummus Givatayim

Katchenelson 65 Givatayim
Rating ***

Like the above. A good Hummus in the Tel Aviv Metro district.

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